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赌博娱乐平台网址大全 devotes significant resources to ensuring that all students learn to utilize these resources and fully develop their information literacy skills to support their various academic programs.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar contains academic, 登记, and graduation deadlines, which are strictly enforced by the University

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Enhancing exceptional academic resources opportunities, 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 University’s 中心 promote hands-on innovation and support.

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The Elizabeth Huth 科茨库 supports and stimulates teaching and learning by providing an environment in which instruction and research can thrive.


Courses of Study Bulletin

The official source of information regarding degree requirements, academic policies, and academic majors and minors at 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 University. 

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Class Schedules

The fastest way to access the most current information on course offerings is to search inside TigerPaws, the system you will also use to register for classes each semester.

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Academic 荣誉委员会

赌博娱乐平台网址大全 University has had a student-led and student-operated academic integrity system with two core components: the Academic Honor Code and the 荣誉委员会. 


Enhance Learning

Campus resources to enhance learning, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Office of Academic Support

Academic Support provides quality academic programs and student-centric services to enhance student learning, academic success, and personal development.

Academic Support


Resources to help you during the internship search process include Handshake, internship search workshops, and 赌博娱乐平台网址大全-sponsored internship programs.



Undergraduate research is central to 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 University's values. Work directly with 教师 members on innovative research, on campus and around the world.

Undergraduate 研究

Personal Attention

Personal attention matters. 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 has accessible services focused on your personal and academic curiosity, 增长, 和成功.

Academic Advising

赌博娱乐平台网址大全 University’s Office of Academic Advising is committed to a holistic and developmental advising model focused on your personal and academic curiosity, 增长, 和成功.

Academic Advising


Tutors are available across disciplines.

Contact individual academic departments for more information on course- or discipline-specific tutoring.

Academic Accommodations

Students with special needs can receive academic assistance to successfully tackle the academic and physical environment and tutoring is available on an as-needed basis.

Student 可访问性 Services

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is a personalized, one-on-one meeting with a trained academic coach who can help students improve skills and performance.

Academic Coaching 

Career Counseling

职业服务 is recognized by 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 students, 校友, 教师, and employers as a place where Tigers are equipped to actively explore, strategically plan, 和成功fully launch into their career journeys.